I have checked the icon font import issues using Icomoon, fontello and font bundle, unfortunately, none of them can properly import the icon-symbols to its library, i hope developers could consider fixing this and improving the import from sketch app.

Zeppelin is working well with this kind of icons and recognize them with the color symbol. Nevertheless, to solve similar cases and deliver assets to devs, I use the following flow: I drop-in all my icons to iconjar and then just export them, each as single SVG sprite, from my experience web devs have never complained, instead they love the export which only includes xmlns:xlink that is easy to handle, you can also check nucleo app that has similar export feature with a good clean-SVG sprite export.

I experienced a lot of debates around SVG vs Icon font, and personally, prefer to store them in svg the main reason that svg is easier to work with and when your icon font fails, the browser will treat you icon as any other font and replaces it with something you won’t expect — not cool.

P.S. 2
Now that sketch supports Libraries you can save you clean SVG icon pack in an external file and always keep it updated!

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